February 12, 2012

Leaded Glass Window

The mystery of the framed out rectangle in the wall between the guest bathroom and office might be explained by these photos.

We're putting in an interior leaded glass window! Our house only has a few exterior windows (because we live in a rowhouse with two shared walls), so the more light we can get through to the interior of the house, the better. We happened to have a window in more or less the exact dimensions that we needed, but it was in pretty rough shape with broken leads and cracked glass panels. In my non house renovation life though, I happen to be an objects conservator (I fix broken museum artifacts/artwork), so it was all in a day's work to remove the old glazing, secure the loose glass with a few new glazing stars, reshape the loose leads, and mend the broken glass.

We stuck it into the framing yesterday, but I still need to actually re-glaze it and paint the frame. Here are a few pics of it (in case you can't tell, the window has two hummingbirds on it), as well as some Photoshop drawings for my daydreaming purposes. The office:

And the bathroom:

Don't mind the wall colors in the bathroom, I just went with the paint that's already there. As you can see from my extremely accurate bathroom drawing, the window is high enough that we won't have to worry about peeping Toms, and actually, the height matches the transom windows over the bedroom and laundry room doors (which can be seen from the office) and the transom over the bathroom door (which is just a few feet to the right). So it all looks nice and cohesive.

Just one more quirky feature that we're really excited about!

Bathroom photos found here and here.

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