March 31, 2012

Guest Bathroom Update

Normally, my long absences mean that I'm tired of spending my weekends covered in sawdust and splotches of paint, and that I've most likely retired to the sofa. But not this time! We've actually been so busy finishing up the bathroom that I didn't want to lose my motivation by taking a blog break. After we had the drywall done, we started painting right away. We had considered using beadboard or Lincrusta below the chair rail we installed, but decided to keep it simple (and cheaper) and just stick to paint. Choosing colors always seems so difficult, but I think we got it right on the first try this time. The bottom is Benjamin Moore Horizon and above the chair rail is Benjamin Moore Ice Mist (isn't ice mist by a less romantic name just freezing rain?). Both are subtle light gray/blue/greens, and the trim paint is custom tinted white to match the medicine cabinet and hutch. Here's our progress from laying the floor, getting fresh drywall/plaster, painting, and reinstalling the fixtures.

And here's where we were at the beginning of this weekend!

Isn't it peaceful? Notice how Ryan found the bottom of the window sill and reinstalled it? I'm not sure why the previous owners removed it in the first place, but at least it wasn't thrown out. I still have some painting to do (the window) and I've been working on all those little details (like a toilet seat), so another update is soon to follow!

March 3, 2012

We Have Walls!

Drywall is one of those things that we could do ourselves, but it would take five time as long and the end results wouldn't be nearly as good as what the pros can do. So, two weeks ago, our drywall guys (who did our bedroom, master bathroom, and laundry room a year and a half ago) came back to finish the upstairs. They actually remembered our house, and were really excited to see what we'd done with the rooms since they'd last been here; their compliments and enthusiasm made us mentally re-hire them on the spot. What can I say? We're suckers for people who love our house as much as we do (or at least people who put on a good show about it!).

Pretty much since we moved in three years ago, we haven't had walls upstairs. First, we knocked down and moved all of the walls in the front of the house, and once those were rebuilt, we took down the walls in the back of the house to reconfigure that area. It's been a long time of creepy plastic sheeting, piles of 2x4s, and sawdust everywhere - it would have made a great set for a horror film! Anyway, to actually have the construction stage finished is huge, and we're really pleased with how it all turned out.

The hallway looking east

Hallway looking west

The office

And the guest bathroom

Isn't it starting to look like a real house (and less like a construction junkyard)? Stay tuned for painting details!