March 31, 2012

Guest Bathroom Update

Normally, my long absences mean that I'm tired of spending my weekends covered in sawdust and splotches of paint, and that I've most likely retired to the sofa. But not this time! We've actually been so busy finishing up the bathroom that I didn't want to lose my motivation by taking a blog break. After we had the drywall done, we started painting right away. We had considered using beadboard or Lincrusta below the chair rail we installed, but decided to keep it simple (and cheaper) and just stick to paint. Choosing colors always seems so difficult, but I think we got it right on the first try this time. The bottom is Benjamin Moore Horizon and above the chair rail is Benjamin Moore Ice Mist (isn't ice mist by a less romantic name just freezing rain?). Both are subtle light gray/blue/greens, and the trim paint is custom tinted white to match the medicine cabinet and hutch. Here's our progress from laying the floor, getting fresh drywall/plaster, painting, and reinstalling the fixtures.

And here's where we were at the beginning of this weekend!

Isn't it peaceful? Notice how Ryan found the bottom of the window sill and reinstalled it? I'm not sure why the previous owners removed it in the first place, but at least it wasn't thrown out. I still have some painting to do (the window) and I've been working on all those little details (like a toilet seat), so another update is soon to follow!

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